The internet is filled with beauty and skincare tips that promise to enhance our attractiveness and save us time.
Although many of these hacks are ineffective, there are a few useful tips that can simplify everyone’s beauty and skincare routines.

Here are 20 effective beauty and skincare techniques that you can try:

  1. Use micellar water:
    When you can’t cleanse your face, micellar water on a reusable cotton cloth can effortlessly remove makeup and grime.
  2. Refrigerate your skincare products:
    Storing moisturizers and serums in the refrigerator adds a touch of luxury to your daily skincare routine.
  3. Apply foundation with your fingertips:
    Skipping expensive brushes and using your fingertips to apply foundation can give a natural, flawless finish.
  4. Buy versatile products:
    Simplify your skincare routine by using products with multiple functions, such as tinted moisturizer and color sticks that can be used for both lips and cheeks.
  5. Make an inexpensive sugar scrub:
    Combine honey, olive oil, and regular cane sugar to create a DIY exfoliating scrub for the body.
  6. Never skip SPF:
    Always use sunscreen to protect your skin from aging and reduce the risk of skin cancers.
  7. Use hydrating sheet masks while traveling:
    Apply a hydrating sheet mask to prevent dehydration and dryness during long flights or car journeys.
  8. Utilize hydrocolloid patches:
    These patches can effectively conceal acne and other imperfections while allowing you to apply additional makeup on top.
  9. Cut open containers to get the last remnants of expensive products:
    Snip off the tip of the container to access the remaining product in tubes.
  10. Revive dried-out mascara:
    Add a few droplets of warm water to a nearly dried-out mascara tube and shake vigorously to extend its life.
  11. Use natural light for makeup application:
    Natural light provides the best conditions for applying makeup and ensuring a flawless appearance.
  12. Use white eyeshadow as a foundation:
    Apply a creamy white eyeshadow before vibrant eyeshadow colors to make them stand out.
  13. Clean makeup brushes with olive oil and dish soap:
    Loosen makeup on brushes with olive oil and clean them with dish soap before allowing them to dry completely.
  14. Use a lazy susan for skincare storage:
    Invest in a tiered lazy susan to organize and store your skincare products, saving valuable counter space.
  15. Repurpose old mascara wands:
    Clean and dry old mascara wands to use for eyelash or eyebrow grooming.
  16. Make lip gloss with eyeshadow pigment and lip moisturizer:
    Mix crushed eyeshadow pigment with lip balm to create a custom lip gloss shade.
  17. Use dry shampoo before hair gets oily:
    Apply dry shampoo shortly after shampooing to prevent oily hair and add volume.
  18. Use soft microfiber cloths for facial hygiene:
    Replace rough terrycloth washcloths with soft microfiber cloths for a gentler cleanse.
  19. Switch to a silicone body massager:
    Replace your old loofah with a silicone body scrubber that lasts longer and can be easily disinfected.
  20. Improve bobby pin grip with hairspray:
    Spritz bobby pins with hairspray before using them to provide a better hold and prevent slipping.

Give these skincare hacks a try to simplify your routine and achieve effective results!

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