About Us


We are determined to differentiate ourselves by offering products that represent the perfect solution for your needs. And our main goal is to facilitate your life by shortening the time you spend shopping online.


Sassy Becca was created in 2016. A company born from a very strong desire of modernize and simplify the online shopping experience.

We all know how very little time professional people have.
This space was created just for you; strong headed, determined people with a “badass” attitude. You who belong to a generation of independent people who are responsible and who have very little time to waste. We will present you with innovative and special gift ideas, as well as great offers in just one place, so you can shop efficiently and spend the rest of your time doing things that really matter.

We will introduce products that are practical and easy to use. Perfect for everyone who is always on the go. Products that are perfect for you but can also be used by all the other members of your family.

We thrive to become your partner and hope to soon become your preferred site when shopping or just browsing for ideas. There is still much to be done to achieve our goal. And we would love to have you take part in our development and to become part of “our online family”.